Accelerating CRISPR and Diagnostics

Taking CRISPR diagnostics to the next level

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Caspr is developing a CRISPR based platform for precision diagnostics.

We are at the frontier of powering better and more accessible molecular diagnostics; transforming medical care by enabling time-critical results for each context of patient relevance.

Accesible, Simple, Accurate, Rapid.

Good for processing in hospitals, the pharmacy and even your home.


Good for processing in hospitals, the pharmacy and even your home.


Detection of virus, bacteria and genetic mutations.


In formats viable for usage in labs as well as in the field.


Results in less than 30 minutes

For Diagnostics in Labs, hospitals and homes

Our kits will enable doctors and patients to quickly be informed about particular health conditions. Making precision diagnostics a commodity within healthcare; at the hands of any patient!

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For detection in Industries

Our molecular detection technology scales to applications in the field for industrial purposes such as agriculture and farming.

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For the regions that need it the most

We see CRISPR being the equivalent of a democratization of diagnostics, with special relevance in emerging countries.

We understand the need, and want to lead this molecular revolution

We are a growing a team which knows from the first hand problems the region has with regards to healthcare and understands them. Our mission is bringing better solutions to those that need them the most.

About Our Team

Building the biodiscovery platform for an industry wide transformation. Beyond diagnostics

CRISPR is the defence mechanism of bacteria and archaea from viruses. Caspr uses proprietary Cas enzymes and novel systems to power the end products and services that will transform entire industries.

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“We have the responsibility of bringing diagnostics to the hands of populations which really need them, improving over their current situation and preparing us as a society for future outbreaks”

Federico Pereyra Bonnet; Co-Founder, Chief Research Officer

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