At Caspr we're working to bring simple and life changing health diagnostic solutions to people around the globe.

  • Agricultural &
    Framing Industry
  • Industry
  • Biosecurity
  • For Hospitals
    & Labs
  • At home

Quick + Precise molecular detection solutions are needed in beyond Healthcare.

We are developing a platform that will be applied in “the field” for many other industries

CASPR’s vision is to make CRISPR the standard molecular diagnostic technology in healthcare; powered through our platform approach.Developing solutions for different Healthcare verticals; with an enhanced format towards each on demand target market. Offering an enhanced ease of integration of CRISPR in each format, as well as multiple Dx targets for each need

For Hospitals & Labs

Enabling rapid and precise response for health professionals to make time critical decisions near to the patient.

For Patients

Making useful and important health information directly available.

Farming & Agriculture

Detecting relevant molecular infections in “the field” for both plants and animals; with no need for external services.


For internal quality control purposes within productive plants and industrial application.