Building the biodiscovery platform for an industry wide transformation.

Beyond diagnostics.

Caspr has found novel CRISPR Cas enzymes which will help generate better diagnostic solutions to the world. The discovery is just started, our search goes way beyond!

Discovering the underlying biotechnology tools within the nature of our planet.

CRISPR is a natural system, created and perfected by millions of years of evolution in microorganisms that reside in our world. We embrace the nature of our planet and it’s extraordinary biodiversity in the form of different microorganisms which reside in it. By discovering and studying these is that we can harness and re-engineer their potential towards specific biotechnology applications in our world.

A platform powered by machine learning.

Working through our metagenomic database together with experts in bioinformatics, genome sequencing, gene synthesis and synthetic biology.

We are re-discovering the most extreme environments of this planet

These kinds of environments generate hostile conditions for microorganisms, making them develop diverse biological strategies for survival. In these, we work together with local communities and research groups in applying our biodiscovery platform for the tailor needs of the location.

Powered by the biodiversity and incredible of our world.

Nature has created for us a set of tools and systems that are yet to be discovered and that can im pact human health and our lives in an unprecedented way